About Me


Like Joan Jett, I love rock and roll. I also love radio, and I’ve been behind the microphone for almost 40 years, the last 29+ years at a great classic rock station in Providence, RI: 94HJY.

Working the morning show means I get to play my favorite songs, from the Who to Thin Lizzy. I get to crack lame jokes for a living. And although it sucks to get up before 4AM every day, I get to go home at 10!

With almost a whole day ahead of me, I’m the one that cooks all the food, every day, for my family. I’m passionate about food, and I care about where it comes from. I support local farmers and fisherman. I try to buy organic when I can. Meat that’s pastured, grass-fed and humanely raised. All that means better ingredients for my dishes, and a healthier meal for my family.

I’m a Master Gardener, and I grow as much of my family’s food as I can in season.

I love to travel, and I’ve been to some interesting places in this world: France, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Lithuania, England, New Zealand, Thailand, Tahiti, Mexico, many islands in the Caribbean, Canada, and more…and I don’t plan on stopping. We meet amazing people when we travel. We eat incredible food. And we learn a lot about how others live their lives, and they learn about us.

I love a well-made cocktail. My travels always include the pursuit of those who share my drinking philosophy.

“Live the live” means to live your life to the utmost every day, whether you’re traveling or at home. It can be as simple as trying a new food…or as deep as journeying to a temple in Thailand. Every small effort you put in will reap surprising benefits.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope it adds even a little joy to your day.