An early rise today

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Kelly and I both got up around 6, but it gave us a chance to get some work done while Ava slept. The Baycrest Lodge we’re staying at here in Taupo is really simple, but it’s clean, has a separate room for Ava, a bit of a view of Lake Taupo, and small kitchen area. The bed (very soft) and the lack of AC (very humid) would be the only complaints. The host is great, and he’s letting us store our luggage with him while we cruise Lake Taupo today so that we don’t have to leave a car full of crap in a public parking lot.
Our Verizon international modem is a joke. Not only is it expensive, but Kelly got fed up with the dudes on the phone that were clueless and could not get the thing running. And it was expensive, as you might imagine. But we found a national NZ wi-fi service that offers wi-fi anywhere in the country and you pay as you go. It works and it’s CHEAP! So now we have to tell Verizon to go pound sand and we’re having a challenge DISconnecting. Oy.
The list of connected people we have is getting longer. My cousin, Joe in CT, just got me in touch with a friend of his boss in Christchurch who gave us some good travel advice. We might even have a drink with him if time allows.
I apologize that ther aren’t as many pictures and videos here as I’d like. I think when we finally have a few days in 1 spot, I’ll have the time to dowload (or is that upload?) a few things.
After our cruise on Lake Taupo with Chris Jolly Outdoors today, we head south for about an hour to the Hawkes Bay area where we’ll stay at Tom’s Cottages for three nights. Tons of wineries, farms, and foodie destinations will be ours for the taking.

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