More on Christmas Day

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s Christmas Day in the afternoon. I get to catch up on blogging, and I also put together a few movies using my new Flip camcorder that does a great job of making mini-HD videos. Of course, the only thing I can’t do is upload anything, because we have no wi-fi connection! So I will do that ASAP. Obviously, if you’re reading this, I did that already.

So, no trip to Napier today. We chose instead to have a nice little lunch on the backyard picnic table and then we drove to the Tuki Tuki River, just below our cottage, thinking we could swim there. But the current was too strong, and the riverfront a little nasty. So we drove out of there and totally by accident saw a sign that said “Ocean Beach.” We decided to follow it and it led us to the Pacific Ocean and an amazing beach that already had a whole bunch of vacationing families enjoying sun, sand and some Christmas Day barbecuing. There was a small pool of fresh water from a stream that was entering the ocean at that point, and Ava enjoyed swimming there immensely.

Back home now…Ava took a much-needed nap and we are getting our dinner ready. It’s 6PM and the sun is at its fullest…hard to get used to the fact that evening is not far away. But we do want to have our dinner and then drive to Te Mata peak to see the sun set.

Tomorrow it’s off to Wellington and the ferry that will take us to the South Island.

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