I’m a Marlborough Man…

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Marlborough wine, that is. It’s about 5PM and my two gals have passed out again. What’s up with that? Kelly’s giving me funny looks why I’m not grabbing a nap and I’m giving her funny looks why she is. Oh, well…

As I mentioned at lunchtime, we had been to several wineries in the morning alone, each quite generous with their tastings. I found the sparkling wine at No 1 Family Estate to be the best I’ve ever had. Granted, I’m not a fan of sparkling wine or champagne, so the fact that I loved these wines was not just a surprise to me but to Kelly as well. Nautilus wines were just OK…I think we may have bought one bottle from them. Wairau River had that amazing lunch (an incredible mussel and fresh dill soup, fantastic chicken liver pate, and a shrimp-spinach-feta-olive pizza that was out of this world.) It was, along with Elephant Hill in Hawkes Bay, the best lunch we’ve had on this entire trip. And Wairau River white wines were excellent…did a tasting and had some more with lunch.

Then it was off to Seresin, where they not only create some nice wines but they also have their own olive oils…some infused with lemon, lime, or even  orange. They’re also a totally organic winery, which is admirable, but as Kelly said: “I never found an organic wine that I loved.” I kinda understand that. Some man-made non-organic tweaks just make some wines better…no way around it. As long as there’s a balance, that’s OK. I’m the same way with my garden at home. I would love to be 100% organic, but the fact of the matter is, if I get a swarm of insects in my yard devouring my plants, no organic cure will ever get rid of them like a chemical solution. The secret is to use it in moderation and only when absolutely necessary.

There was still time for one more winery and that was Fromm. They’ve gotten great reviews, and many wine experts rave about the winry. But I wasn’t really crazy about any of their wines. Maybe it was because I already had 25 tastings before that! But Kelly did find a Sauvignon Blanc that she liked and bought a couple of bottles.

After that, it was a trip to a little shopping area that featured distilled spirits by a company called Prenzel. They make all kinds of booze, including an award-wnning vodka that I sampled and enjoyed…but not enough to buy. And they have a brandy-based honey liqueur that was delicious despite being incredibly sweet. I bought a small bottle to take home.

So tonight it’s dinner at Herzog winery, arguably the finest restaurant in this area. I just got the OK for dinner tomorrow night at Gibb’s arguably the other finest restaurant in this area!

It drizzled on and off all day today…the sun showed itself just a little. It’s squalling outside right now. But we’re hoping to see more sun later on this evening at the “golden hour,” when it sets and the real amazing colors come out. Sunset here is around 7:30 to 8:30, I guess…so our daylight lasts a long time. Quite a change from back home, where I see on Yahoo that they had a blizzard in NYC, with crazy amounts of snowfall, and I guess New England will be getting a bunch of it, too.

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