Merge like a zip!

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

OK…Ambien not kicking in yet…drinking more rum…so let’s talk road signs in New Zealand for a minute before I pass out.

Our favorite, usually found on bigger roads in cities, is “Merge Like a Zip!” which as far as we can tell, means merge one-by-one, like a zipper would. Hysterical. Gotta get it on video.

Also, I like the signs that show a car skidding and it says “When Frosty.”

Of course, I mentioned that driving is on the left. I’ve gotten pretty good with it, but there is one rule that is totally Kiwi and it is messed up. If you’re at an intersection, the guy on the right has the right of way, even if he’s the one crossing the intersection from a smaller road. That one takes some getting used to. Otherwise, there’s always a car ahead of you that you follow and hope he also isn’t a dumass tourist learning how to drive for the first time!

Our vehicle for this touring advneture, by the way, is a fabulous red Toyota Previa…a jellybean-like family van. Not very attractive, but it easily holds the massive quantities of luggage we carry on these journeys. I think it’s from 2006…not exactly a new model. But we rented from Apex, a Kiwi company, because the other guys (Hertz, Avis) would not let you take the same car all the way down to the bottom of the North Island, drive onto the ferry, and the continue on the South Island. You would literally have to unload all your crap, drag it onto the boat, then drag it into a new car when the ferry lands. Avoiding that nonsense was worth every extra penny we spent!

OK…one more sip and I’m off to bed! Cheers! No worries! Sweet as! And other local phrases.

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