The Canyons Lodge In Queenstown

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

The descent into Queenstown

Our first night at the Canyons Lodge was very comfortable…a big fat bed with an unsurpassed view (see previous page) The property here is stunning, and just 4km from downtown Queenstown.

We had a nice night of strolling around town last night, grabbing a few bites to eat, but mainly staring our at the amazing mountain range across the lake from Queenstown. Appropriately enough, the mountain range is simply called: The Remarkables. Sounds like a rock band or a group of superheroes! And remarkable they really are.

We’ve had a great breakfast prepared by our host, Andy. He and his fiance, Mel, run this place and have made us very welcome here. We had a little meet-and-greet wine and cheese session yesterday afternoon…and at least for one night, we had the run of the place. I guess a couple of new guests arrive today. But the lodge doesn’t hold many people at once, and that’s a very good thing. Nice to be spoiled at the end of a long line of roadtrips!

So I’m trying not to think about it, but we are just two hours away from getting on a helicopter and touring the famous Milford Sound…one of the earth’s youngest fiords, by that I mean that erosion has not had a chance to take its toll on the cliffs, which are still perfectly vertical. I will report about all of that later.

One more photo to post: as we made our way through the Cardorna Valley, we descended onto Queenstown. Our new buddy, Tim, a bus man at the George Hotel at Christchurch who was extremely helpful in giving us great places to eat and drink here in Queenstown (along with the names of people he knows), described this descent as a plane landing into Queenstown…and he’s absolutley right! We got video of the winding road, so we’ll post that later. But I think Kelly’s photo here says it all. (By the way…if I didn’t mention it before, Tim was so cool and helpful to us that he received the coveted third bottle of Krupnikas that I brought on this trip. Anyone else that would deserve one will have to wait until we get back home and I will make the attempt to ship it. Speaking of that, another George employee that was extremely helpful was Brad. You may recall that his friend Paula (who worked at the French Cafe in Auckland, who also gave us a lot of good Qtown advice) told us to make ourselves known to Brad when we arrived in Christchurch, and that we did. Brad added to Tim’s list of food and wine places, and important names to drop, so we are all set here.

OK…I took a Lorazapam…that would be valium. Step one in getting on that helicopter!

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