We made it to Queenstown!

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Boy, things change in a heartbeat ’round here…

We made it to Queenstown. Thank God the weather finally co-operated once we got out of Haast, and we actually saw some freakin’ sunshine on the way here to the Canyons Lodge.

Check this out…the photos do not exaggerate, and we have this place to ourselves, at least for now!


We took what’s called the Crowns Pass down to Queenstown and we got some amazing video and photos of our descent into the Qtown area. It was described by a buddy of ours as an airplane landing into Queenstown, and that’s not far from the truth!

The owners of the lodge here, Andy and Mel, are really cool, and we’ve settled in nicely. We’ve had some drinks with them and discussed what we thought was our itinerary, only to find out how quickly and easily things change.

First of all, my rafting trip has been moved. The severe rain that they’ve had in this area actually shut down rafting for today, and they told me they wouldn’t know if they were rafting tomorrow morning until the last minute. So the plan was for me to show up and see what happens.

Well…looks now like I will be rafting another day. The reason is that we are taking a helicopter ride to Milford Sound, which includes cruising over the sound, as well as landing on a freaking glacier. (Yes, I was totally talked into this!)

We are no longer doing a 6-hour bus, then boat, then plane trip back…and instead are doing an all-encompassing helicopter ride for about 2 1/2 hours. (If I knew my Mom was reading this blog, you can bet your ass I wouldn’t be writing it!)

Anyway…more later…but we’re here…and that’s a major accomplishment!

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