First class, baby!

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m writing this in the Qantas Airlines Executive Lounge in Auckland airport right now.

Our flight from Queenstown on New Zealand Air was uneventful, and we’ve got about two hours here before we need to worry about boarding our next plane, the one that takes about 13 hours non-stop to L.A.

We’ve already had a series of lucky breaks that only seem to happen when the magic of Kelly is around: despite weighing our bags on a bathroom scale back at the lodge, we were grossly overweight with all of our bags. The nice Air New Zealand lady let us totally slide. (Mind you, we’re bringing back about 28 bottles of wine this trip…24 in our special wine suitcases and 4 others scattered about.)

Because our flight was a domestic one to Auckland, and because we had to transfer to another airline, we had to get all of our six checked-in bags at the baggage carousel before loading them on to separate push carts. Imagine two adults with two overloaded push carts, plus a big kid in a stroller full of all the carry-on bags we have, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Now add the fact that we have to push all this to the international terminal which is a good walk across the airport from where we are, and the comedy begins!
We were very lucky that a woman saw our predicament, and was nice enough to push one of our carriages all the way over to the international departure building for us.
When we got there, a Qantas agent saw that we had our hands full and she grabbed one of the loaded carts and helped us move it to her counter, where the check-in began.
From the outset, she was smiling and helpful, and basically ignored the fact that all of our bags were overweight…no extra charges.
But what really freaked us out was when she told us we were going to be flying in first class! We had called Qantas to ask for the bulkhead row, since we saw on the trip here that it had more legroom. But we have no idea how or why they took the three of us and put us in first class!
Our seats were all scattered, so she did her best to get at least one of us parents together with Ava. But that’s just f–ing amazing! And that’s why we’re in the Qantas luxury lounge right now and not in a food court! This rocks!

Now, I already paid to upgrade our trip from LA to Boston, so we’re flying like big shots on that leg of the trip…but this was a total surprise!

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