Posted: April 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

So here’s the deal with St. Lucia: all the beaches are accessible to the public,  even the ones that have resorts built on them. So fancy places like Anse Chastanet do what they can to keep the so-called “riffraff” out.

The 2-mile entrance road to the resort is in ridiculously poor condition, to limit the number of cars entering the property.

Most of the people who can afford to stay at this resort fly in by helicopter. (They have the only helipad on the island.)

Others will pay big money for a water taxi that can deliver them right to the beach. But then again, you don’t get to use the part of the beach the hotel guests use. You use the more commercial side, where all the scuba boats and what-not go in and out all day.

No matter. I rented a 4WD and took the road in. I snorkeled ( it’s supposedly some of the best on the island, but it was a rainy and cloudy day) and had a wonderful lunch on the beach.

Red snapper ceviche with coconut and St. Lucian shrimp quesadillas!

My original plan was to have dinner at their sister resort, Jade Mountain, which is located directly above, up another crazy treacherous road. But I decided that having dinner and cocktails and then driving in darkness was probably not a smart idea.

I made it back to my little eco-hut in Marigot Bay long before sunset.


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