Whitebait…a New Zealand favorite

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I wrote about crayfish, the New Zealand verison of a lobster that is clawless and incredibly expensive, though very tasty. (See previous photos of our visit to Nins Bin in Kaikoura.) We’ve had many different dishes that have featured the famous and delicious New Zealand green-lipped mussels.

But the big Daddy…the one that had north and south islands arguing over who has the best version, is whitebait. Simply, whitebait is a very small, thin fish that they catch with nets, like a small smelt. A Kiwi favorite is to take those fish (whole) and mix them with egg and make what they call a fritter…cook it up and serve it on white bread like a sandwich. Whitebait sandwiches are available everywhere in New Zealand, and we’ve had our share of them. But I have to say the sandwich is a sandwich wherever you eat it. Nobody makes one that is any different or better than anyone else.

But then…we finally had whitebait that was simply lightly battered and deep fried…a little salt…maybe a little lemon. THIS was really good! We had it as part of our dinner at Amisfield on our last night. That’s the photo you saw on the previous page. Very tasty and the way whitebait should be served everywhere!

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