Stuck in L.A!

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Some of this repeats previous blogs…oops…

The plane that’s supposed to take us home is delayed in Washington DC due to equipment issues. So our 6-hour layover has become more like a 10-hour layover. Hoping it won’t be any longer. Meanwhile, it’s supposed to snow in Boston. Bummah.

Our day started many hours ago. We did get an easy, uneventful flight out of Queenstown on Air New Zealand, arriving in Auckland about 90 minutes later. Our crappy little rental car served us well, and we clocked about 2000 miles on this trip!

We had a couple of hours in Auckland, but we had to move our massive luggage from Air New Zealand to Qantas, and to the inertnational flights terminal, which was not a short walk away if you’re pushing a stroller and 2 carts filled to the brim with luggage! But we managed, thanks in part to a woman that just walked up to us and offered to help us push our stuff along to the terminal.

The Qantas agent that booked our tickets to LA saw we were struggling with luggage, too, and came out to help us. We’ve found that everyone in New Zealand has been really nice and helpful…and genuinely curious about why we chose their country for such a big vacation.

Our luggage was grossly overweight…every bag weighed too much, so there was no way we could move stuff from one bag to another to balance it all. But I think it was Ava’s (and Kelly’s) sweet smile that made them look the other way, and no one charged us for the extra weight! This, despite the fact we have about 30 wine bottles packed for the trip home! (Of course, they didn’t know that!)

So here we are at the Qantas desk, checking in for our flight to Los Angeles, and the agent tells us we’ve been upgraded to first class! Kelly and I stared at each other in disbelief. We did call earlier to request bulkhead seats in coach, but somehow we got first class. It was awesome…the seats were huge and reclines all the way back to you could sleep. Ava, of course, chose to watch cartoons, so here we are at the American Airlines Admirals Club in LA, and she’s snoozing away in the stroller. (Kelly has also found a place somewhere to sleep a few hours as I’m writing this.)

We already had paid to upgrade to first class on the way back to Boston on American, so we’ll have good seats for the 6 hour flight home…and like I said, hopefully, it will take off as expected now at 4:30PM Los Angeles time, getting into Boston at 1AM…hopefully.

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