We’re home!

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

From 7AM on Saturday morning on January 8th  (Queenstown, NZ time) to 3AM Sunday morning January 9th Eastern time (the time we stepped through the front door of our home), we had traveled 37 hours.

Ava was incredible through the whole thing. She has been the perfect travel companion, and even people on the plane commented on how well-behaved she was. Really made everything a lot easier for Kelly and me.

Our special wine suitcases have once again proven themselves worthy. With the two wine suitcases, we also stashed a bunch of bottles into our luggage, and brought home a total of 29 bottles! (We took 30 with us…one bottle valiantly gave its life so that the others could survive. It made a bit of a mess, but the wine suitcases are easy to clean!) We also brought home some souvenirs, olive oil, wonderful New Zealand flaked salt, and the random Nautilus shell.

But despite the fact that we’re home, there’s still some stuff to post here.

If you’re curious, check in once in a while as we post more photos. I will also try some video now that we have a home computer at our disposal.

And there are still a few thoughts about our trip that are bouncing around this big ol’ empty head of mine…including the rafting trip from hell, which several friends have asked to read about. I’m still tweaking it…for whatever reason, I seem to remember more details about it as the days go by. Sounds strange, I know.

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