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This is so cool, I had to post it. A couple has been taking care of a legendary hotel in Montana’s Glacier National Park and has been snowed in since October! And we thought we had it bad here in New England!

It’s called the Many Glacier Hotel, and I stayed there with my buddy, Lee, back in 1989. A magnificent hotel, construction started in 1914 and was completed just 1 year later. The Great Northern Railway was building a series of chalets and hotels to establish Glacier National Park as a destination. They called it “the American Alps.”

The breathtaking scenery from any room at the Many Glacier Hotel. (Not my photo.)

The breathtaking scenery from any room at the Many Glacier Hotel.

The frame of the hotel consists of massive tree trunks crisscrossing to create an unbelievable structure. It’s hard to imagine how these things were lifted into place with the simplest of tools. It’s a place I will return to, someday, with my family.

The spectacular interior of the Many Glacier Hotel. (Not my photo.)

The spectacular interior of the Many Glacier Hotel.

We visited Glacier National Park the week before Labor Day, and temperatures were above 90 degrees every day. The main scenic route through the mountains, known as the “Going to the Sun Road,” officially closed on Labor Day, and we couldn’t figure out why, since we were sweating out butts off at the end of August. When we got home from our trip, a massive snowfall hit the area the day after Labor Day, and shut everything down. Those folks in Montana knew what they were doing. I’ve never doubted them since.

The photos posted here are the first I’ve ever posted on that don’t belong to me. I have an album full of photos from my Montana trip, and it’s lost somewhere in storage boxes. So I had to settle for these.

Here’s the article about the couple taking care of the hotel. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

  1. Terri McConnell says:

    That is not a photo of Many Glacier Lodge. That is Glacier Park Lodge, located in East Glacier.


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