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I had a friend ask me that question the other day.

Seems that some people aren’t sure how to pronounce the name of this blog. I guess it’s time to explain it a little…


First, the pronunciation. It’s \ˈliv \ the \ˈliv \…as in “Live for today”….or…”Live to a ripe old age.” Both “lives” rhyme with “give.”

It is not /līv/ the /līv/ (rhymes with “hive”) or any combination of the two, like  \ˈliv \ the /līv/.



Where this name came from is a story that my wife and I disagree on. Our versions are similar, but not exactly the same.


Here’s my version: I have a good friend named Lee, who is up on every trip we take, every restaurant we go to, every amazing place we see in this world. Having traveled to many countries, we’ve been fortunate to come home with some wonderful stories.

After one such trip, my Lee said to me: “Wow…you guys really know how to live!”

My wife has quirky fun way with words and her response was: “Everybody knows how to live. The secret is to live the live!” Since then, we use the phrase “live the live” to describe anything that would normally be described as “living the life” or “living it up.”



Live the live simply means to live your life to the fullest by whatever means you are able to do so. You can live the live by climbing a mountain, dining at a Michelin-star restaurant, or simply soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean.

But if none of that is your speed, you could live the live by sitting in front of your TV on a Sunday afternoon, watching football while chowing down on pizza and beer.

Live the live is whatever makes your life special to you.




For me, live the live means traveling for food…sharing experiences with friends…meeting wonderful new people in far away places…and enjoying a few cocktails along the way.


Whatever your definition of live the live is, I hope that you can achieve it more than once in 2019.


Thanks so much for my reading my blog!



  1. Adam Nevis says:

    Great story! I always wondered about the meaning of the name of the blog and Twitter handle! Thank you for explaining it!


  2. John S says:

    Al, I too have always enjoyed reading your blog. Enjoyed a recipe or two, as well. Love the way guys “live the live”. Happy 2019 to you and the family.


  3. Gail says:

    Well, it’s about time you explained that! 😉 JK….Merry Christmas to you and yours, Al.♥


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