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My raspberry plants are producing a ton of fruit right now, and when that happens every season, I could turn my attention toward tarts, jams or even ice cream. But I prefer to focus on Mojitos!

Very often, I’ll use raspberries alone, but Mojitos are even better when you combine the raspberries with blueberries. Frozen fruit works well, too. Make it by the pitcher and you’ll never make it any other way again!

The ingredients

The ingredients


Make ahead of time…
1 1/2 cups fresh squeezed lime juice
1 1/3 cups turbinado sugar (Sugar in the Raw)

Mix both ingredients together and let stand at room temp. Shake until dissolved. The mixture can be covered and refrigerated for several weeks and ready to use any time. Shake well before using.

mojito pitcher

For the Mojitos…
1 cup sugar/lime mixture
1 cup mint leaves, packed
1/2 pint blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1/2 pint raspberries (fresh or frozen)
3 or 4 cups white rum, preferably Don Q Cristal rum
3 or 4 cups club soda

Combine mint leaves and 1/2 cup of sugar/lime mixture in bottom of a pitcher. Muddle mint up very well to release mint oils. Add blueberries and continue to muddle.

Add remaining sugar/lime mixture, rum and raspberries. Mix well. Just before serving, add club soda and ice. Stir. Pour into glasses.

Or…for drinks one at a time, fill a tall glass with ice. Fill one-third to halfway with club soda. Top with Mojito mix. Garnish with mint leaf.




  1. Arthur Shapiro says:


    I’m Arthur shapiro, a friend of Onute Miller and I believe you and i had communicated some time ago.

    I subscribe to your blog and absolutely love it!

    This posting on a mojito is terrific and since, i don’t usually do drink recipes, I’d like to put this and others on my Booze Business FB page. I didn’t notice an FB share, did I miss it? In lieu of that would it be okay if I copied and pasted a link to your url with a photo from your site?

    Please let me know. Links to my blog and Facebook page are below.


    Arthur Shapiro Blog: Facebook:

    Warwick Street Productions: Facebook:

    LinkedIn 917-855-7726


    • Alz355 says:

      Hi, Arthur! Yes… I absolutely do remember you. Hope you’re doing well. You are more than welcome to use this recipe. I just bought blueberries from a neighbor today, so a blueberry-raspberry mojito may be just what the bartender ordered this weekend! Peace!


  2. By the pitcher- yes please!?


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